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Undercarriage Spare Parts Track Guards Track Link Guard For Excavators & Bulldozer

Short Description:

Track guards is used  between the the track links and flanges of the bottom rollers.  track guards can be used on the most common brands excavators 10 to 35 tons. We use high grade steel to ensure that the track link stays within the machine’s tolerances, in order to prevent damage to the rollers and the track link itself. On uneven working condition, there are  risks that the track link will come out of the roller. A worn track guard may cause damage to the rollers and the track link. So we suggest you to never skip the replacing of the track guards when doing an overhaul.

Product Detail

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1.We use high-grade steel for the track link guard.
2. The  steel quality and the hardening process is the guarantee for high wear resistance.
3. In order to asure the quality and to be sure of the required tolerances, we conduct strict test of the products in the factory.

Products Specifications

Parts Name: excavator track guard
Material:  Q345B
hardness: HRC52-58  depth 4-6mm;
Colors: According to customers' requirement;
Technique: Forging,  casting, heating treatment;
Warranty time:  2000 hour;
Certification: ISO9001-9002;
Package: Fumigate seaworthy packing


The track link guard can be used as the after selling service parts for most of the famous excavator and bulldozer  brand  such as KOMATSU, CATERPILLAR, HITACHI, KOBELCO, SUMITOMO, KATO, HYUNDAI, DAEWOO, DOOSAN, JCB, SHANTUI etc.

For excavator models & For  bulldozer models

PC30 UH063 EX400-2 HD250 EC210 D20 D3C
PC30-5/6 UH04-7 EX400-3 HD1250 EC210B D30 D3D
PC40 EX30 EX400-5 HD400 EC210-7 D31 D4
PC60 EX40 EX1100 HD400-2 EC240 D40 D4D
PC60-3 EX60-3 FH220 HD400SE EC290 D50 D4H
PC60-5/6 EX60-5 FH220-3 HD450 EC360 D60 D5
PC60-7 EX70 FH300 HD500 EC460 D60-6 D5B
PC100-2 EX100 FH330 HD700 SAMSUNG D60A/E D5H
PC100-5 EX100-M HYUNDAI HD770 SE210 D65 D6C
PC120-2 EX120 R60-5 HD1250 SE240 D65E-8 D6D
PC120-3/5 EX150 R60-7 HD1430 MITSUBISHI D65E-12 D6H
PC130 ZX200 R130 HD1880 MS110-3 D85-12 D7G
PC200-2 EX200-1 R200 SUMITOMO MS110LC-5 D85-18 D8N
PC200-3 EX200-2/3/5 R210 SH60 MS180 D155 D8K
PC200-5/6 EX210 R210LC-7 SH100 KOBELCO D155AX D9R
PC200-7 EX220-1/3 R290 SH120 SK60 D355 D10N
PC210-5/6 EX220-2 R290LC SH200 SK100 D375 D12
PC220-5/6 ZX200-3 R320 SH220 SK200
PC240-3 ZX230 R320LC SH220-3 SK220
PC240-5 ZX240 R320LC-7 SH220LC3 SK230
PC300-3 ZX330-1 RX200 SH260 SK300
PC300-5K ZX330-3 DAEWOO SH265 SK330
PC300-6K EX300-1 DH55 SH280 SK350
PC300-5/6 EX300-3 DH220 SH300
PC300-7 EX300-5 DH280 LS2650
PC400-5/6 EX330 LS2800
PC600 EX350
PC800 ZX350

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