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Sprockets And Segments For Excavators & Bulldozers

Short Description:

According to the size of the model and the usability of the industry and mine, the sprocket can be made of materials: 35MnSi, 35Mn2,40Mn etc. After the normalizing heat treatment of the sprocket blank, the matrix hardness reaches above HB235, and the driving tooth is hardened by medium frequency induction hardening and tempering at low temperature. The surface hardness reaches HRC48-54, and the hardening depth is above 5-10mm (HRC45). It can accurately transmit power under harsh working conditions, and has excellent anti-wear performance, which significantly improves product life and reduces customer use costs.

Product Detail

Product Tags


1. The sproket and segments we produced are used  for a very complete range of machines, from 0.8 to 100 tons excavator and bulldozer.
2. The parts are suitable for both excavators and bulldozers.
3. The sprockets are molded or forged and subsequently processed, giving them a special heat treatment to make sure well hardness.
4. Use precision processing technology and special heat treatment technique to reach best wear-resistance and have maximum extent loading capacity as well as anti-cracking ability.

Products Specifications

Parts Name: Sproket/Segment
Material: 35MnSi, 35Mn2,40Mn etc.
Bracketing: QT450-10;r
Colors: Yellow, black or according to customers' requirement;
Technique: Forging,  casting, heating treatment;
Surface Hardness: HRC48-54, deepth: 5mm-10mm
Warranty time:  2000 hour;
Certification: ISO9001-9002;
Package: Fumigate seaworthy packing


Difference between sproket and segment:

Sprockets are metal cogwheels that consist of a metal inner ring with bolt holes or a compression hub and a gear ring in one unit. Sprockets can be screwed on directly, or pressed onto the machine’s drive hub, and they are usually used for excavators.
Just like sprockets, segments also consist of a metal inner ring with bolt holes and a gear ring. Unlike sprockets, segment groups exist from individual segments which make up the sprocket for the undercarriage of bulldozers. This means that the segments can be exchanged without dismantling the track link.

How to confirm the size of the sproket:

For normal excavator or bullzer, the sproket and bulldozer size are standard. We can choose the sproket according to the excavator and bulldozer brand and model. If the excavator and bulldozer are unusual models or need to be cusomized, we need the following size information in the drawing to make sure we will offer right sproket.


The sproket and segment can be used as the after selling service parts for most of the famous excavator and bulldozer  brand  such as KOMATSU, CATERPILLAR, HITACHI, KOBELCO, SUMITOMO, KATO, HYUNDAI, DAEWOO, DOOSAN, JCB, SHANTUI etc.


PC20A(DL) PC20B(DL) PC20-7 PC20-7(DL) PC20-7(A6)9 hole PC20-7(A6)18 hole PC30-7 PC40 PC50
PC50UU-2(APS) PC60-1 PC60-5 PC60-5(VGM) PC60-6 PC100-3 PC100-5 PC100-5(BPT) PC100-5
PC100 PC175 PC200-1 PC200-3 PC200-3(JG.东虹) PC200-5 PC200-5(VGM) PC200-5(ROJC) PC200-5(SDF)
PC200-5(PTSN) PC200-7(DLM) PC300-3 PC300-5 PC300-5 PC300-6/【KM4186】 PC360-8MO PC400-3/5 PC400-6
PC400-7 PC400-6(DL) PC400-6 /【KM2384】 PC600-6 PC800 PC800-6/850 PC1250-6
EX60 EX60(EML) EX60(AMH) EX60-2 EX60-2(RJC) EX70(AMH) EX70(IHE) EX70 EX100-5
EX135US EX150 EX165 EX200-1 EX200-2 EX200-3/5 EX200-3/5 EX200-3/5(STK) EX210(SCM)
EX220-5 EX255(ATT) EX300-1(A) EX300-3(A) EX300-5 EX300-5(H5) EX400-5 EX400 ZX870/800
EX1200-5 ZX30U-2(H5) ZX55 ZX60(LHC559A1) ZX60(LHC559A2) ZX120-3(LHC558A1) ZX200-3(LHC551B1) ZX240-3 ZX270-3
ZX330-3(LHC556A1) ZX450(LHC557A1) EK400(GLR) SK60-8 E306(9hole) E306(12hole) PC56-7(12 hole )
E70 E120B E120B(SKS) E312 E215 E215(CTP) E215BJ(H5) E315(SKH) E225
E200B E300B E320 CAT320 E320(CEP) E235 E300B E325(PRO/H1) E32/5E330
E330 E330(CTP) E345【CR6593】 DH55(500)Φ15 DH55/DX55/60Φ16 DX80/DH80/KM3158 DH130 DH150【2108-1040A】DX120/140 DH225   30hole
DH220-5(22孔) JH190 (DH220-3) DH220-3(JG22.06-3) DH280 DH300 DH370【K1033717】 DH400 DH500 DX225(SSK)
DX260LC(斗山)/S255(H8) DX340/300 DX370/K1033717 DX380LC DX420 DX480 CRRC160 SWDM20(203) SWDM22(216)
SWDM28山河钻机(203) SUNWARD70 SUNWARD70(OLD) 9hole SWE70(17) 3HOLE
R35Z-7(SSK) R55-5 R60-5 R80 R130-1 R130-2 R130-1 R200-1 R200-2
R150-9【DL0080A011105000A】 R220LC-9S R225LC-7(HHI)/81EM-10012B R250LC-7 R275 R290-1 R290-2 R300LC-7(CIA) R305
R305(北京/007) R305(PRO/H1) R305(VGM) R360LC-7 R450LC-7(H1)=EC460 R480LC-9 R2606 R914 liebherr R934 liebherr
HD820-1(22孔)/701070 HD820-6(26 hole)/701071 EC55 EC140 EC210 EC210BLC(PRO/H1) EC210(RMP) EC240B EC290
EC290(LP) EC360 EC460 EC700 YC60 YC85 IS55-60 kubota185 FR39(YC35)
FR60(福田60)9孔 JCB JS140 JCB JS210 JS220(H1) JCB JS360 UH135ZOD(VGM) B60 VR631200(VPE) UH04-5
SK030(9H) SK030(18H) SK07-1(LH) SK07-2 SK07-2(DH) SK07N2 SK045N2 SK40SR SK60
SK60-3 SK60-5 SK60-6 SK60-8 SK55SRX/CX58 SK75 SK100 SK100L SK100L(DLM)
SK130L-8(JKH) SK140-8 SK200-3 SK200-8 SK250-8 SK200-8(SSK) SK210 SK220-1 SK220-3
SK230 SK300 SK270 SH55 SH60(G8) SH120 SH120-A3(A3) SH120-5双 SH125X-3/SH130/CX130
SH200 SH200(DL) SH200(H7) SH280 SH300(1/2) SH340 SH450(DL) SK460 CX290(KSA1061) CX360
凯斯800/870 UH083 UH110Z1D UH098HOA UH098COB UH063-7 UH085EOA(VGM) UH81(BPT) UH085T0A(VGM)
MS110-5 MS180-3 D20 D31-15 D31-17 D31-17(PTSN) D3C D4 D4D
D4D(KEE) D4D D4H D4H(TTL) D41E D50-15 D5B D6 D6D
D6D(ACD) D65 D85 0800759 FL4 FL4-2(KEE) FL4(G2) FL4 FL6(KEE)
FL6-2#(KEE) SE210-3 H3(D2) B3 B1HD UH04-7 UH04-5 UH04-5



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